About The Podcast

Risk Radio is an interview style podcast examining what is new along with changes & disruption to insurance and risk management. There are a variety of industries effecting change and improving how we do business. Topics we will discuss will be diverse and all-encompassing: Technology, M&A, data analytics, a multi-generational workforce, real estate, product safety, CAT exposures, workplace safety, coverage disputes. We're going to be speaking with insurance companies, venture capital firms, CEO's, attorneys and many more who are involved in this industry and who have a front row seat to changing it.


About The Host

Brandon Schuh is an entrepreneur and a commercial insurance  producer and risk management advisor for Christensen Group. Prior to working for CG - Brandon spent six years working for Hays Group Inc - which was one of the nation's largest insurance brokerages - now a division of Brown & Brown.  There, he specialized in risk management and product liability clients while also opening a satellite office for the firm in Duluth, MN. Prior to Hays, Brandon spent nine years working as the Risk Manager for one of the largest ladder manufacturers/sellers in the US - Gorilla Ladders. Brandon assists customers with their insurance programs and risk transfer / risk financing. Brandon has a particular focus within the manufacturing sector; on products liability within the consumer product industry, building materials, retail, medical device and general manufacturing.  Brandon has started a variety of insurance related companies: an insurtech IoT safety company called Otto Safe Ladder, an insurance investigations firm called Paper Trace Investigations and the holding company of Risk Radio called Schuh Media Group. Brandon has a lot of interests in the insurtech space and those technologies and inventions that might change or disrupt the insurance and risk management industries.




Brandon Schuh

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